Theme, Vision and Goals

The Ecocity World Summit will take place from October 7-11, 2019 with the first two days dedicated to workshops and academic sessions. The following three days, which comprise the main conference program, will engage academics, practitioners, and other interested parties in the conference theme of Socially Just and Ecologically Sustainable Cities.

The main program will focus on a sub-themes to bring a focus to our understanding of what it means to be both a socially just and ecologically sustainable city. These sub-themes are Climate ActionCircular Economy and Informal Solutions for Sustainable Development. These topics represent some of the most challenging and exciting issues in sustainability around the world and encourage international collaboration and solutions.

The International Ecocity Standards will provide a framework for these discussions, exploring Urban Design, Bio-Geo-Physical Conditions, Socio-Cultural Features and Ecological Imperatives. We are looking for topics that resonate within the themes and ideally speak to the interaction and interplay between these topics.

  • Urban Design
    • Access by Proximity
    • Safe and Affordable Housing
    • Green Building
    • Environmentally Friendly Transport
  • Ecological Imperatives
    • Healthy Biodiversity
    • Earth’s Carrying Capacity
    • Ecological Integrity
  • Bio-Geo-Physical Conditions
    • Clean Air
    • Clean and Safe Water
    • Healthy Soil
    • Responsible Resources/ Materials
    • Clean and Renewable Energy
    • Healthy and Accessible Food
  • Socio-Cultural Features
    • Healthy Culture
    • Community Capacity/ Governance
    • Healthy and Equitable Economy
    • Lifelong Education
    • Well Being/ Quality of Life

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